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Madeira is a beutiful island that is also known as the Hawaii of Europe.
In Madeira you will find subtropical forests, black-sand beaches, and waterfalls that pour straight onto coastal roads high up in the cliffs.

Funchal is the biggest city, but if you drive outside you'll feel you have the island just for yourself, where you'll definetly be able to disconnect.

When you are in Madeira you will hear and read about the famous "levadas", which refers to a network of narrow canals that transport rainwater. These canals are an absolute hit for trekking lovers. Being Madeira a semi-exotic island with nice weather year round, you'll find exotic flowers, fruits and bananas everywhere.

In Madeira it's extremely useful to have a car or scooter to make sure you explore every tiny corner of the island. At MadeiraRentalCars.com you will find a good range of car rental options in Madeira and supplied by truly local car rental companies.